Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jose D. Perez-Gomez

Patriot, Railroadman, Promotor, Agriculturist And Senator
Biography from "Honduras," an English-Spanish trade magazine published in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, written in 1930.
Nephew of the famous generalissimo and "Grand Old Man" of Cuba, Maximo Gomez,the subject of this biography Jose Perez Gomez came to Honduras in the year 1881, on a visit with his uncle Maximo to stir up propaganda in favor of the Cuban Revolution. After exerting his every effort in favor of his native country he finally decided to settle in Honduras to which end he married the charming Miss Paulina Follin from which union were born nine children, as follows: Carlos, Alonso, Francisco, Lisandro, Antonia (now married to Mr. John Coleman), Leonela, Dolores (today the beautiful wife of Mr. Jose Maria Zepeda), Zoila, Angelina, and Celia. During the early years of his residence in this country, he was in the employof the railroad, later on he decided to strike out for himself in agriculture,(bananas cultivation and cattle breeding), and today he is the proud owner of one of the finest mixed ranches in the country. Still later on we find him branching out as theatre proprieter having built and is now operating the theatre "Variedades" in the city of San Pedro Sula. In the year 1894, in San Pedro Sula, the Masonic Lodge Eureka No. 5 was founded, and of which Mr. Perez Gomez has several times been Venerable Master,and as a matter of fact he is today the only survivor of the original charter members or founders. In the year 1889, he had the honor to be elected municipal mayor of the city of San Pedro Sula, serving a full term of four years. In Mr. Perez Gomez one finds an energetic worker, a man of strong initiative and brilliant ideas, a man who has proven a success entirely due to his own personal efforts and attention to business.

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