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Benjamin Register

Extract from "The Registers And Our Kin," by Lamar Wells, Gateway Press, INC., Baltimore, 1989.

Benjamin Register is the progenitor of all the Registers and their kin mentioned in this book. Spouses of his descendants may or may not have been his descendants. In many cases they were.
He was a Revolutionary War soldier after all his children were born. He owned a considerable amount of land. His name is mentioned several times in land records as the buyer and sometimes the seller.
Land records show that there were five other Registers that lived in the area with him before his children were born. They were John, William, Thomas, Joseph, and Silas. I believe they were all brothers. One of them may have been father to the rest. It has been told that there was another, named David, that was the father of Jesse, who ran away as a teenager and went to South Carolina for awhile and went from there to Laurnes co., Georgia, area. In all my research, the only mention of David that I have found is that he is the father of Jesse in "Pioneers of Wiregrass, Georgia," by Huxford. I believe that there was one by that name.
Several sources have said that Benjamin had a son by named William. I could be mistaken, though. He would have been born between 1760 and 1764.

1. John Register, b. about 1760, d. about 1835, m. Dorcas Rowell Nov. 16, 1781. She was b. about 1763, d. about 1810. Note: Benjamin Register was the 5th Great Grandfather of Merle Anita (Young) Coleman; Benjamin's son , John b. 1760, was her 4th Great Grandfather.
2. Silas Register, b. 1761, d. before 1811, m. unknown.
3. Thomas Register, b. 1766, wife unknown.
4. Benjamin Register, Jr., b. 1770, wife unknown.
5. Joseph Register, b. in the 1770's, wife unknown.
6. Mary Register, b. 1776, m. James Cook who would have been considerably older than she as there are land records concerning him before her birth."

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