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Buchanan Pedigee

Buchanan Pedigree
Clan Buchanan of Scotland

Source: Americans of Royal Descent, Second Edition,By Charles Henry Browning, Phildelphia, Porter & Coates, 1891.

PEDIGREE XIII.______________
1.__Fargallus [Fargal], the 156th Monarch of all Ireland, who was killed A.D. 718, by Moroch, King of Leinster, had:
2.__Conchobhar [Conner], Prince of Leim-an-Madaidh, Londonderry, brother of Niall Frasach, 162d Monarch of Ireland, d. 773, who had: Gruagan, who had: Dungan, who had: Cathain, who had: Cathusach O'Cathain, or O'Kyan, who had:
7.__Dermod O'Kyan, KIng of the southern part of Ulster, who had:
8.__Anselan Buey O'Kyan, or O'Bocainain, anglicized Buchanan, who succeeded as provincial King of Southern Ulster. He took part in the slaughter of Turgesius, the Danish general, and his army, at Limerick, and was, with his followers, compelled to leave Ireland, by King Canute, and flee to Scotland, in 1016, and soon after entered into the service of King Malcolm II. against the Danes. He so signalized himself in this monarch's service that he obtained from him many grants of land in the northern part of Scotland as a reward, among which were the lands of Pitwhonidy and Strathyre, and was recognized as the first Laird of Buchanan. He m. the heiress of the Laird of Deniestown, and had:
9.__John, second Laird of Buchanan, who had:
10.__Anselan, third Laird of Buchanan, who had:
11.__Walter, fourth Laird of Buchanan, who had:
12.__Gerald, fifth Laird of Buchanan, who had:
13.__MacBeath, sixth Laird of Buchanan, who had:
14.__Anselan, seventh Laird of Buchanan, who was Chamberlain to Malduin, Earl of Lennox, in 1225, and obtained a charter from him of an island in Lochlomond, which he called "Clareinch," the slughome, or war-cry, proper to the family of Buchanan. He had:
15.__Gilbert Buchanan, eighth Laird of Buchanan, who was the first to assume the surname of Buchanan. He suceeded his father as Senechal, or Chamberlain, to the Earl of Lennox, and had:

[Note: Gilbert had two brothers: Methlan, ancestor of the MacMillans and Colman, ancestor of the MacColmans]

16.__Sir Maurice Buchanan, Knt., ninth Laird of Buchanan, who had:
17.__Sir Maurice Buchanan, Knt., tenth Laird of Buchanan, who m. the second daughter of Sir John Monteth, d. 1324, second son of Walter Stuart, Earl of Monteth,1258 (third son of Walter Stuart, Lord High Steward of Scotland, and his wife, Lady Beatrix, daughter of Gilchrist, Earl of Angus), and his wife, daughter of Mauritius, Earl of Monteth, and had:
18.__Walter Buchanan, Knt.,eleventh Laird of Buchanan, who had:
19.__John Buchanan, of that ilk, only son,d. v.p. He m. Lady Janet, the heiress of John Buchanan, Laird of Lenny, and had:
20.__Sir Walter Buchanan, Knt., second son, twelth Laird of Buchanan, and Laird of Lenny. He m. Lady Isabel Stewart, daughter of Murdoch, second Duke of Albany and Governor of Scotland, a grandson of Robert II., King of Scotland, and had:
21.__Thomas Buchanan, third son, younger brother to Patrick, thirteenth Laird of Buchanan, from whom he had, in 1461, a grant of the lands of Gartincaber, and who was, in 1476, the first Laird of Carbeth. He had:
22.__John Buchanan, of Raster-Ballat, second son (younger brother of Thomas, second Laird of Carbeth, who d. s.p.), who d. before his brother, leaving issue:
23.__Thomas Buchanan, who succeeded as third Laird of Carbeth, in 1555. He had by his second wife, Janet, a daughter of the then Laird of Buchanan:
24.__John Buchanan, of Gartincaber, eldest son, who was a half-brother of Thomas, fourth Laird of Carbeth, and a brother of William Buchanan, of Blairnborn, whose grandson, Archibald Buchanan, settled in Virginia. He had:
25.__George Buchanan, of Blairlusk, who had:
26.__John Buchanan, of Blairlusk, who had:
27.__George Buchanan, who sold Blair lusk to his brother, William Buchanan, and removed to the north of Ireland. He had:
28.__Thomas Buchanan, of Romelton, County Donegal,in Ireland (brother of William Buchanan, of County Tyrone), whose grandson:
30.__John Buchanan, of Romeelton, County Donegal,had:
31.__James Buchanan, who removed to America in 1783, and settled near Mercersburg, in Franklin county, Pa., where he d. in 1821, leaving issue by his wife, Elizabeth Speer, whom he m. in Adams county, Pa:
1.__James Buchanan, President of the United States of America, who d.s.p.
2.__William Speer Buchanan, d.s.p. aged 22.
3.__George W. Buchanan, d.s.p., aged 25.
4.__Rev. Edward Young Buchanan, D.D., of Philadelphia, Pa., who m.,1833, Ann Elizabeth, daughter of William B. Foster, of Pittsburg, Pa. etc., ...

(Note: This is a partial extract of the Buchanan pedigree. Notes by Woody Coleman)

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