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Last Will of William Allen, Putnam co., GA.

NOTE: WILLIAM ALLEN of Putnam county, Georgia was the second husband of Nancy (Burford) Coleman and the step-father of Henry Allen Coleman. According to the family oral history, he was a cousin but it is not known by what relationship to the family. After his death about 1825, the family, [based on my research], moved to DeKalb county, Georgia. Nancy's brother, Phillip H. Burford, and James P. Barnes, Henry Allen Coleman's future father-in-law were heads of household in that county. The following Last Will and Testament of William Allen was transcribed from a photo-copy of the original on file in the Georgia Archives:

Georgia ,Putnam County
In the name of God Amen. I William Allen of the county and state aforesaid being weak in body but sound in mind and memory and calling to mind what is appointed for man once to die do make this my last will & testament & hereby disavow nulling all former wills.First it is my desire after my death that my body be committed to its mother dust and consign my soul into the hands of God who gave it.Item first. I give and bequeath unto Sally Allen Coleman our good tea and furniture.Item 2nd. I give unto my beloved wife all the balance of my estate both personal & real during her natural life or widowhood in case she should marry it then my desire that my estate should then be divided between my wife and her son, Henry Allen Coleman and in case she should not marry it is my desire after her decease that Henry Allen Coleman have the whole of it both real & personal. I do hereby constitute and appoint my beloved wife Nancy Allen Executrix and William E. Adams Executor of this my last will and testament, in testimony whereof I have herewith set my hand and fixed my Seal this 30th day of June 1825.

William Allen

Iddo Ellis
Richard Turner
John Crouch

Georgia, Putnam County, Personally officiated in open court, John Crouch one of the(—————————?) (——————–?) to the within will and is therefore ordered to be recorded.

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The 1st Georgia Cavalry

An historical summary of the organisation and history of the 1st Georgia Cavalry.

The 1st Georgia Cavalry Regiment
The First Georgia Cavalry Regiment was formed at Rome, Georgia in the Fall of 1861. Companies: A, B, and C were mustered into Confederate service on March 4th, 1862. Company B was recruited in Meriwether county, Company C recruited in Floyd county, Company E recruited in Carroll county was mustered into service in April 1862 and Company G: The Highland Rangers, was recruited in Lumpkin county.

First Commander: Colonel James J. Morrison
Field Officers:
Samuel W. Davitte (Maj., Lt. Col., Col.)
Armistead R. Harper (Lt. Col.)
James H. Strickland (Lt. Col.)
John W. Trench (Maj.)
George T. Watts (Lt. Col.)

Unofficial Names by which the Regiment was known:
James J. Morrison's Cavalry Samuel W. Davitte's Cavalry A.R. Harper's Cavalry James H. Strickland's Cavalry George T. Watt's Cavalry John W. Trench's Cavalry M.A. Haynie's Cavalry William M. Tumlin's Cavalry V.J. Reynolds'Cavalry

Historical Overview:
After being mustered into service, the 1st Georgia Cavalry moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee, and from there to Knoxville. It was assigned to the Department of East Tennessee until the end of 1862, and then joined the Army of Tennessee, serving in that Army until late 1863. It returned to service in the Department of East Tennessee and then rejoined the Army of Tennessee. In 1865, the 1st Georgia Cavalry served in the Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida and then returned to the Army of Tennessee.

Major Commands of Assignment:

Unattached, Department of East Tennessee ;December 1861.

Leadbetter's Brigade, Department of East Tennessee [detachment] May-Jun. 1862.

Unattached, Department of East Tennessee [detachment] May-Jun. 1862.

Allston's Cavalry Brigade, Department of East Tennessee, Jun.-Oct. 1862.

Scott's - Pegram's Cavalry Brigade, Department of East Tennessee, Oct-Nov 1862.

Pegram's Brigade, Wheeler's Cavalry Division, Army of Tennessee, Nov. 1862-Jan. 1863.

Pegram's - Morrison's - Pegram's Brigade, Department of East- East Tennessee, Feb.- Jul. 1863.

Pegram's Cavalry Brigade, Army of East Tennessee, Department- of Tennessee, Jul. Aug. 1863.

Davidson's Brigade, Pegram's Division, Forrest's Cavalry Corps, Army of Tennessee, Aug. - Oct. 1863.

Morrison's Brigade, Martin's Division, Wheeler's Cavalry Corps, Army of Tennessee, Oct. - Nov. 1863.

Morrison's-Crews' Brigade, Martin's-Morgan's Division, Martin's Cavalry Corps, Department of East Tenn. ,Nov. 1863- Feb. 1864.

Crew's - Iverson's Brigade, Martin's Division, Wheeler's Cavalry- Corps, Army of Tennessee, Mar. - Nov. 1864.

Iverson's - Crew's Brigade, Martin's - Allen's Division, Wheeler's Cavalry-Corps, Department of SC, GA and FL Nov. 1864 - Feb. 1865.

Crew's Brigade, Allen's Division, Wheeler's Cavalry Corps, Hampton's Cavalry Command Feb. - Apr. 1865.

Crew's Brigade, Allen's Division, Wheeler's Cavalry Corps, Hampton's Cavalry Command, Army of Tennessee, April 1865.

Battle And Campaign Credits:
Murfreesboro, July 13, 1863. Nashville, July 21, 1862.

Big Hill, August 23, 1862. Murfreesboro, December 31, 1862 - January 3, 1863.

Pegram's Kentucky Raid, March - April, 1863.

Monticello Expedition, April 26 - May 12, 1863.

Chickamauga, September 19-20, 1863.

Siege of Chattanooga, September - November 1863. Philadelphia, October 20, 1863.

Siege of Knoxville, November - December 1863.

Atlanta Campaign, May - September 1864.

Siege of Atlanta, July - September 1864.

Sunshine Church, July 31, 1864.

Savannah Campaign, November - December 1864.

Carolinas Campaign, February - April 1865.

Unit Summery:
The First Georgia Cavalry participated in over one hundred and seventy-five engagements of various kinds during the War Between The States. It has been reported that less then fifty officers and men remained with this unit when it was finally surrendered by General Johnston. At the time of surrender, Officers and Men were paroled in accordance with the terms of a Military Convention entered into on April 26th, 1865, between General Joseph E. Johnston, Commanding Confederate Army, and Major General W.T. Sherman, Commanding United States Army in North Carolina.

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Survey, Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery, Temple, GA.

Cemetry Survey (1993), Bethel Baptist Church cemetery,
near Temple, Carroll county, Georgia:

Henry A. Coleman, Born Jan 28, 1814. Died Oct 27, 1890.

Sarah Ann, [Barnes],Wife of H.A. Coleman, Born Aug 27, 1807 - Died Oct. 4, 1880

Nancy Bufford,(Burford), Mother of H.A. Colman, Born Dec. 18, 1782, Died May 20, 1866.

Sarah,Wife of James Barnes, Born Jul. 9, 1788 - Died Jan. 28, 1876.

Mrs Cynthia F. Coleman:
"Sacred To The Memory of Mrs Cynthia F. Coleman, Wife of W.A. Coleman And Mother of J.W. & W.F. Coleman. Born March 27th, 1837 - Died February 3rd 1877. Aged 39 yrs, 10 Months, and 24 days. Neighbor and devoted christian 21 years; Member of the Missionary Baptist Church. "Sleep my dearest sleep, My sorrow can not disturb thee, Altho I should ever weep, and ever sacred thy memory keep."

Jane Florence, Wife of Rev. John Riggs, Born May 22, 1814 - Died Mar 5, 1869.

James M. Riggs; 10th Georgia Cavalry, Born 1839 - Died 1905.

Stephen A. H. Riggs; Co. E, 1st Georgia Cavalry, Born Sep 3, 1846-Died Jul 27, 1903.

John Q. Riggs; Born Apr 22, 1848-Died Mar 31, 1922.

Emma B. Riggs; Born Jun 31, 1850-Died Jan 20, 1889.

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Cemetery Survey,Carrollton, Georgia

Cemetery Survey (1993)
Carrollton City Cemetery, Carrollton, GA.
Coleman Family Burials

W.A. Coleman Family Plot

William A. Coleman, Co. E, 1st Georgia Cavalry,Born Sep 25, 1838. Died Oct 30, 1917. (Masonic Emblem, and a Confederate Marker)

Clara (Eliza) Kolb Coleman, Born May 9, 1852 - Died Jan 20, 1897.

Mollie (Mary Elin Daniel) Bailey Coleman; Born Nov 19, 1863 - Died 25, 1936

Arthur B. Coleman; Born Nov 25, 1896 - Died 1927.

Origin of The McCain Family

There were two great septs of Ó Catháin. The earlier anglicized form of this name was O'Cahan, and even as late as the beginning of the present century, O'Cahans were still found in Co. Derry; but in modern times the forms Keane, Kane, and sometimes O'Kane, are almost universally used, Keane in Munster and Connacht, Kane in Ulster. The two septs were quite distinct originally, but if the belief that the Keanes of Thomond are a branch of Ó Catháin of Ulster is true, as the best authorities assert, the propinquity of Clare to Galway must necessarily lead to uncertainty in the west of Ireland in cases where no pedigree or reliable family tradition exists. In this connection it should be added that the Cahanes of west Clare, who were coarbs of St. Senan, wrote their name MacCahan and are thought to be quite distinct from the O'Cahanes.

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The Harper-Coleman Family

On May 2nd, 1867, Elizabeth A. Coleman of Carroll county, GA., daughter of Henry Allen Coleman and Sarah Ann Barnes, was married to Nathaniel William Harper in Haralson county, GA. To them were born the following children:

William Henry Harper b. 9 Nov 1868
James Allen Harper b. 28 Dec 1869
Riley Edgar Harper b. 9 Nov 1871
Katherine Harper b. 23 Jan 1875
Zacharias Thomas Harper b. 3 Mar 1878
George Fleman Harper b. 20 Apr 1881
Nannie Harper b. 24 Aug 1882
Robert Franklin Harper b. 19 Nov 1886

[Source: Family Tree of Jonathan David Harper]