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Braswell-Carver Pedigree

An account of the BRASWELL-CARVER pedigree as it pertains to Merle Anita (Young) Coleman, wife of Elwood R. Coleman, Sr. of New Orleans, LA.

Braswell-Carver Pedigree

1. Robert Braswell,(Bracewell), born 1612, London, England;was a graduate of Oxford University,and an Anglican Clergyman.He was a Virginia Plantation owner of lands totaling 1500 acres;Elected to the Virginia House of Burgesses;His wife's name was Rebecca;He died 1 May 1668, Isle of Wright, Virginia.Robert Braswell was the eighth great-grandfather of Merle Anita (Young) Coleman.

2. Richard Braswell,born 1650, Isle of Wright, Virginia;son of Rev. Robert and Rebecca Braswell;married Sarah Sampson,b.abt 1652,d.1720;his occupation was Planter.Richard Braswell,Sr. died 1720, Isle of Wright,VA.

3. Richard Braswell,Jr., born 1672, Isle of Wright, Virginia; son of Richard Braswell and Sarah Sampson;He married Ann Carver,b.1697 in Chowan county, North Carolina, daughter of William Carver and Jane Moore of Chowan co., NC.;Occupation, Planter. Richard Braswell, Jr. died about 1747 in Bladen county, North Carolina.His wife, Ann, died about 1759.

4. William Carver,(alias Braswell), son of Richard Braswell,Jr. and Ann Carver; born 1729 in Bertie, North Carolina, William's parents, Richard Braswell, Jr. and Ann Carver were not married at the time of his birth, and though they later married William assumed the maiden name of his mother "Carver" as was the custom of that day. William Carver (alias Braswell), married Mary Wilson. William died 1767, in Cumberland county, North Carolina.
(1) William Carver was an illegitimate son of Anne Carver and Richard Braswell, Jr. As an illegitimate he bore his mother's name as was the custom, however, his parents were married in later life.
(2) In the 17th century Virginia, and later in N.C., the name was written as Braswell or Bracewell but sounded as Brazwell. That practice led to the use of Braz or Braze as a favorite nickname for the sons.
(3) Notes for William Braswell Carver:William and brother Robert both died in 1767 in Cumberland county, North Carolina, testate. William's will was dated December 10, 1766 and was probated May term court 1767. William's will bequeathed to his wife Mary and their children Sampson, William, Jr.,Samuel, Robert, Jesse, James, John, and Mary. There, may have been another son Isham. Several of William and Mary's sons served in the Revolutionary War.

5. Sampson Carver, born 1755 in Cumberland county, North Carolina, and was the son of William Carver(alias Braswell), and Mary Wilson,; He married Rhoda Edmundson,b. 1760 in North Carolina. Sampson Carver was a Revolutionary War Soldier.He moved from North Carolina to Burke county,Georgia about the year 1800. He died in 1838 in Ware county, Georgia. His wife Rhoda, died 1853 in Coffee county, Georgia.

6. Jesse Carver, born 1786, in Cumberland county, North Carolina, was the son of Sampson Carver,(R.S), and Rhoda Edmundson. His wife's name was Boissy who was born about 1795. Jesse Carver died in 1866 in Clinch county, Georgia. His wife Boissy, died in 1855. Jesse and Boissy Carver had six known children: John B. Carver,James Carver,b. abt 1814;Susan Carver, Joshua Carver, b. abt 1825,William Carver, b. abt 1831, and Sampson B. Carver, b. abt 1834.

7. James Carver, born 1814, in Georgia, son of Jesse and Boissy Carver. He married Sarah Ricketson. Had a younger brother named Joshua Carver.
Notes: James grew up in Telfair Co., Georgia and at the age of 21 married Sarah. After their marriage, they moved to a farm on the then Ware and Telfair county line, where it later became Coffee County in 1854.James' will dated Sept. 12,1859 was probated May term 1860, Coffee Court of ordinary, and bequeathed his daughter Mahulda $100 and the remainder of the estate to his wife and other children. Son Jesse was the executor. James died about 1860.

8. Joshua Carver,born 1825 in Ware county, Georgia, son of Jesse and Boissy Carver; younger brother of James Carver;He married Rhoda Albritton,b. 1834 in Bryan county, Georgia.Joshua died 1875 in Coffee county, Georgia. Their daughter, Nancy Malinda Carver, born 16 May 1851, in Ware county, Georgia, married Peter Aaron Young, Sr. of Ware county, Georgia.

9. James Jefferson Carver, born 5 Apr 1850, in Telfair county, Georgia, son of James Carver and Sarah Ricketson (No.7). James Jefferson Carver married 15 Dec 1864 to Anna Jane Parker. Their daughter, Eliza Jane Carver,born 1875 in Ware county, Georgia, married Peter Aaron Young, Jr. ; James Jefferson Carver died 5 Mar 1934.
(1).Nancy Malinda Carver, wife of Peter Aaron Young, Sr. and Eliza Jane Carver, wife of Peter Aaron Young, Jr. were First Cousins one time removed. There common ancestors were Jesse and Boissy Carver.(2). Peter Aaron Young, Jr. and Eliza Jane Carver were the grandparents of Merle Anita (Young) Coleman, wife of Elwood R. Coleman, Sr.


  1. Thats was very interesting, always wondered about that part o the family. Luv, Alex

  2. Alex... There is more to come on this family, (the Carvers), who were descendants of the the Carver Family of the Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts. ... Lots of Love, Uncle Jr