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The Follin Pedigree

An account of that branch of the Follin family pedigree belonging to Elwood R. Coleman, son of John Allen Coleman and Marie Antoinette Perez-Follin.

The Follin Pedigree
1. Michel Follin of Picardie France; married Mariam Esambour.
2. Francois Michel Auguste Follin,(son of Michel Follin and Mariam Esambour), born October,1731 in Beauchamps, Picardie, France; Died September 20, 1813 in Charleston, South Carolina; married Marie Francoise Juneau, b. 1755, in New Orleans, Louisiana, died December 1813 in Charleston, South Carolina. Francois Michel Follin moved to the French colony at Mole, St Nicholas, St Dominque,(now Haiti) . During the slave revolt in that country, his family refugeed to Charleston, SC . He had three sons and one daughter:
(1)Auguste Firmin Follin, the eldest son, born abt 1777 in St Dominque; married Melanie Noel of
France. (2)Jean Charles Auguste Follin, b.1779 in St Dominque; married Marie Joseph Hebert.(3)Mathew Firmin Follin,(known as Firmin),b.1789; married Magdeline Victoria Hebert.
(4) Eulalie Follin; married Joseph Phillip Times.
3. Auguste Firmin Follin, eldest son of Francois Michel Auguste Follin and Marie Francoise Juneau, born about 1777 in St Dominque; died about 1833 in Alabama. After his family refugeed to Charleston, SC, he moved to Philadelphia, PA. where another large French population resided. He became associated with other Bonapartists who planned to establish a French colony in the territory of Alabama,(now Marengo county Alabama),called the "Vine and Olive Colony," which ultimately failed. Many of these colonists then moved to the French colonies at Mobile, Alabama, and the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. Auguste Firmin Follin married Melanie Noel, b. abt 1785 in France; died 1851 in Mobile, Alabama. Augustus Firmin Follin had five sons and three daughters:
(1) Charles R. Follin, b. Sep 30, 1799; married Susan Danforth. Their daughter was the
well known publisher, Miriam Florence Follin of New Orleans, also known as "Frank Leslie."
(2) Almaide Eugine Follin, b. 1806;married Lemuel G. Sanderson.
(3) Armand Augustus Follin, b. 1804. (4) Virginia Follin ; married Lewis Edward Bayol.
(5) Adolphus J. Follin, b. abt 1814. (6) Theodore M. Follin, b. abt 1817.
(7) Hortense J.G. Follin, b. 1818; married Gorham Davenport.
(8) Aristide F. Follin, b. abt 1821 in Alabama;married Mary Adela Bridges.
4. Armand Augustus Follin,(known as Augustus Follin), born 1804 in Philadelphia ,PA. He removed from that place with his family to the "Vine and Olive Colony," in Marengo county, Alabama. About 1827 he went to Spanish Honduras where in addition to being a merchant he was appointed as the American Consulate for Omoa and Truxillo. He continued to serve in that post until his death in January 1862. He is known to have had a large family but at present, only two children are known: (1) Charles R. Follin, b. 1836 in Honduras; married Maria Tomasa Bardales.(2) Hortense Follin, b. 1847 in Honduras.
5. Charles R. Follin, born 1836 in Spanish Honduras, son of Armand Augustus Follin of
Philadelphia, PA. He married Maria Tomasa Bardales of Honduras and they had at least two children: (1) Paulina Follin, b. 1864 ; married Jose Dolores Perez-Gomez.
(2) Augustus Follin, b. abt. 1866. Charles R. Follin began his career under the employ
of Ephraim George Squier,(second husband of Charles' cousin, Mariam Florence Follin), known for his field-work in Central America and Peru in the fields of Archealogy and Anthropology.
He traveled thru-out Central America with Squier in 1853 as his assistant and interpreter. Charles was fluent in the English, French, and Spanish languages. He was a Planter,
Merchant, and later, succeeded his father as the American Consulate for Omoa and Truxillo, Honduras . He was present at the arrival of Confederate immigrants to Spanish Honduras in 1867-68 and facilitated their establishment of the Confederate colony of Medina near San Pedro, Honduras as laison between them and the goverment of the Republic of Honduras.
Of the known children of Charles R. Follin of Spanish Honduras:(1)Paulina Follin, b. 1864, married Jose Dolores Perez-Gomez, a Cuban Patriot and nephew of Generalisimo Maximo Gomez-Baez, who remained in Spanish Honduras after traveling there with his
Uncle to gain support for the Cuban revolution. Paulina Follin was the maternal grandmother of
Elwood R. Coleman, son of John Allen Coleman and Marie Antoinette Perez-Follin.
(2)Augustus Follin, b. abt 1866, married Philipa Estrada. For a time, the family lived in New Orleans. After the death of Augustus Follin, his wife and children resided in Los Angeles, California.


  1. Hi Jr. I like this input,really interesting.I know you put alot of time and effort into this and I'm really proud you are my brother.Love you Marie Antionette

  2. Hi Woody!

    I am a blog friend and "soul" sister to your sister, Marie! What a wonderful and sweet gal she is, and I will get to meet her in May, I'm so excited!!

    Your lineage is incredible! Did it take a long time to gather all this info? It's so detailed and complete. Very impressive. My oldest son & I have done some digging & research into our families history and it's so exciting when you find a link of info to fill in some blanks.

    Now when I visit Marie I will have an idea of where she comes from and how long your family has been rooted in the New Orleans area and the south. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful account of your family history!

    Sherry @ Edie Marie's Attic

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