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George Coleman

The Coleman Family
And Their Kin

George Colman
Nancy Burford
MRIN 104

261. George Colman is the progenitor of all the Colmans ,(Colemans), in this manuscript. He was born in South Carolina, probably about the year 1780. His family is said to have been from Charleston, SC, arriving there from northern Ireland in the early 1700s. Though undocumented, I am certain that his father was Samuel Colman who appears in the 1813 Tax List of Putnam co., GA.
The family of George Colman moved from South Carolina to Georgia in the early 1800s. He is named in the biography of his grandson, William Allen Coleman of Carroll co., Georgia, in the "Memoirs of Georgia", published by the Southern Historical Society in 1895.
262. Nancy Burford (Bufford), wife of George Colman, was born 18 Dec 1782 in Warren co., North Carolina. She was the daughter of Phillip Terrell Burford, a Revolutionary War veteran, and Rebecca Clack of Warren co., NC. After the death of her husband, George Colman, she remarried on 10 Feb 1819 to William Allen of Putnam co.,GA. Between 1825 and 1830, after the death of William Allen, about the year 1825, she moved to DeKalb co., GA. where her brother, Phillip Hastings Burford resided. In 1860, the spelling of the family surname, Burford, was changed to Bufford. Nancy died on 20 May 1866 and was buried at the Bethel Baptist church cemetery, near the town of Temple, in Carroll co., GA. The epitaph on her gravestone reads:
"NANCY BUFFORD, Mother of H.A. COLMAN, BORN Dec. 18, 1782, DIED May 20, 1866."
To George and Nancy Colman were born two children:
(I)2086. Sarah (Sally) Allen Colman, born probably about 1812 in Georgia.
(ii) 131. Henry Allen Colman, Farmer, Veteran of the 1836 Creek Indian War, Major of Militia, and Bailiff, was born 28 Jan 1814 in Putnam co., GA. He married Sarah Ann Barnes of Lincoln county, Georgia.

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