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Coleman Family Newspaper Gleanings

Newspaper gleanings from the Carroll County Times, Carrollton, Carroll co., GA., the Carroll Free Press, Carrollton, Carroll county, GA., and the Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA.

The Carroll County Times, June 21, 1872
DEATH of Rev. J. M. Blalock - Rev. J. M. Blalock, an old citizen of this county, and intimately identified with its history, for the past twenty or thirty years, died on last Tuesday evening at his residence in this place, after an illness of six or seven weeks. Mr. B. Was a man that was universally respected in this community, on account of his courteous deportment and fair and upright dealings, with all with whom he came in contact. As an evidence of the esteem in which he was held, we would state, that his fellow citizens confided to him repeatedly the office of Ordinary, which responsible position he filled with credit to himself, and satisfaction to his constituency. We have not space this morning (Thursday) for an extended sketch of Mr. B. We hope at an early day to publish a suitable tribute to his memory, from some one of his numerous friends in this community, more familiar than we are, with his past history.Mrs. Blalock who has been confined to her room for several months, we regret to state, is still very low, though it has been thought for the past week or two, that she was getting better. To the bereaved family in their affliction we tender our heartfelt sympathies.

The Carroll County Times, June 28, 1872
See application for letters of administration upon estate of J. M. Blalock by Mary A. Blalock and B. M. Long

June 28, 1872, Carroll County Times
Letter from Texas--- Four years have passed since I said goodbye to many friends and left Carrollton my native village. Four years does not seem long ..but Carrollton particularly has suffered for during this time many of her oldest citizens have died...Judge Kingsbery...Maj. Martin, Judge Long, Dr. W. S. Tanner and Henry F. Merrell...N. J. Meador...Henry Asbery (former postmaster), Emera Kingsberry, who died at LaGrange, Ga., Jan. 1872...T. S. Garrison, Caledonia Texas, June 1, 1872.

October 11, 1872 , Carroll County Times
Administrator's Sale: Will be sold on the first Tuesday in December next between the legal hours of sale 10 o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock p. m., at the residence of J. M. Blalock, late of said county deceased, all the perishable property of said J. M,. Blalock, deceased, embracing household and kitchen furniture, cows and calves, horse, buggy, sewing machine, harness, waggon, carpet, books, piano, stove, plow gear, plows &c. &c. The sale to be continued until the whole is sold. Terms of sale are cash. No delivery of anything sold, until the terms of sale are complied with. B. M. Long, Adm'r, October 11, 1872.

October 25, 1872 , Carroll County Times
Mr. Wm. McClellan has been appointed marshal, E. F. McCoy deputy. Clear the track, ye evil doers.

Nov 15, 1872, Carroll County Times
Maj. B. D. Thomasson has bought Mr. James Coleman's residence, in this place. The price paid for the residence and four acres of ground was $1500 A good bargain.

December 13, 1872 , Carroll County Times
MASONIC INFORMATION. Carrollton Chapter, No. 22, R. A. M., meets 3d Tuesday of each month. Officers elected for current Masonic year: Jno. M. Richardson, H. P; David Stripling, K; J. P. Colman, S; W. W. Fitts, C. H; J. W. Merrell, P. S; E. W. Wells, R. A. C; A. C. Borden, M 1V: P. G. Garrison, M. 2 V; L. J. Smith, M 3 V; L. J. Smith, M. 3 V; J. W. Merrell, Tr.; W. C. New, Sec'y.; S. H. Harris, Tyler. Carroll Lodge, No. 69. F. A. M. - Officers elected for the current Masonic year. David Stripling. W. M; J. H. Haines, S. W.; D. J. Moore, J. W.; Thos. Earnest, J. D.; J. W. Stewart, Tr.; H. B. Ragin, Secy.; A. C. Borden, Chaplain; B. M. Long, Steward; J. Aiken, Steward; S. H. Harris, Tyler.

December 20, 1872 , Carroll County Times
Death: We regret to announce the death of Mr. Wm. McClellan, Marshal of Carrollton, which took place at his residence in this place on the 17th inst.

April 18, 1873, Carroll County Times
Carroll Co. Grand Jury - April Term (1873)
H. A. Coleman, Foreman; S. M. Craven; F. M. Fielder; F. W. Hilley; Jethro Jones; J. H. Archer; W. G. Marchman; R. C. Lyle; J. H. McElroy; J. G. Adamson; Allen Bonner; J. P. Coleman; Z. T. Adams, W. H. Baker; J. D. Moore; I. N. McClendon; C. A. Garrett; J. J. Williamson, G. S. Sharp; D. N. Tilmon; Eli Benson; W. O. Robinson.

June 6, 1873, Carroll County Times
A brother of Mr. Jim Coleman of this place, has recently returned from Honduras, where he is living, to visit his relatives in this country. We learn that he brought as presents to his relatives, several birds of beautiful plumage, from that tropical climate.

July 4, 1873 , Carroll County Times
BROKE JAIL: Escape of Charles Albright, Hicks and Coleman from the Coweta Jail ---- Quite a sensation was created in town on last Monday morning, by the report, that Charles Albright, charged with the murder of Woods some two years ago, - Hicks, charged with the murder of Brown,and Coleman, charged with larceny, all prisoners from this county (Carroll), had escaped from the Coweta Jail, where they had been sent for safe keeping, on last Saturday night. On the arrival of the hack (note: stagecoach) in the evening, the truth of this report was confirmed, and some of the particulars given. It will be remembered that these prisoners had been sent from this county because our jail was thought to be insecure, and because it was generally believed that the Newnan jail was particularly safe as it was a new brick structure. In this however it seems were mistaken. As we have stated above, the escape was made on last Saturday night. This was done by cutting and boring a hole large enough for the body to pass through in the rear of the building. All of the prisoners who escaped, including Wm. Albright who failed to get away, were confined to the same cell. The reason given by William, why he did not go too, was because he did not care to, as he preferred to stand his trial, as he had done nothing to run away for. But the true reason is said to be, because the hole was too small for his body, he being the largest man of the four. This view, of the matter is further confirmed by the fact that a note was discovered, which he had written to the jailor, bidding him an affectionate farewell, and requesting him to return a book which he had borrowed. The report is, and we suppose it comes from Wm. Albright, that Coleman was the first let down, and that he went some one or two hundred yards across a street, and got a ladder, for the others to come down upon, the cell being i8n the second story. It seems to us, that with all this going on around him, the jailor who lives in the first story, right under the prisoners cell, must certainly have slept very soundly. Up to this writing (Thursday morning), we have heard of no efforts being made to catch the escaped prisoners and we suppose this will be about the last we shall hear of them.

July 11, 1873 , Carroll County Times
Mrs. M. A. Kingsberry leaves today, if her health will permit, to visit her relatives in Vermont. We wish her a pleasant trip.

August 22, 1873 , Carroll County Times
PUBLIC CEMETERY - One of the great needs of Carrollton, at this time, is a public cemetery. The time has come when we are really obliged to have one, as the only burial ground in the town, (that of the M. E.Church) is filled up. As every citizen of the place is interested in this thing, we think the town council should take this matter in had, and after having selected a suitable place, through a committee, buy it for a cemetery. It should consist of at least ten acres of ground and be accessible to town. This is a matter in which the council has full jurisdiction and should be attended to at once. Care and respect shown to the dead is looked upon as one of the tests of the refinement and culture of people.

December 12, 1873 , Carroll County Times
Carroll Sheriff's Sale ....will be sold...the farm of Robert H. Sopringer , in favor of John Smith, G. A. Wilson, and Elizabeth R. Russell, and Mary A. Gatewood. ....Sixteen share of stock in the Savannah Griffin and North Alabama of W. J. Hembree, faovr of Z. Bonner and Reese Watkins ....Lot of land....on which W. W. Driver now lives, in favor of J. Kingsberry Executor, vs. W. W. Driver. .... Property of J. C. favor of N. N. Beall and W. W. & H. F. Merrell, W. H. Awtry, W. Williams ....Property of d. M. favor of John Davis vs. A. S. Bridges and D. M. Bloodworth. ....S. C. Dickson interest in Lot No. favor of V. B. McClure .....Property of Eli Benson, in favor of J. J. Summerlin against Eli Benson. .....Property of Henry Widner in favor of Lewis Kuglar .....Property of Wright Golden in favor of E. S. Hunt. ..... Property of Mary favor of W. F. Brown

January 21, 1876, . (CARROLL COUNTY TIMES, Carrollton, GA.)
CARROLL COUNTY SHERIFF SALES: Will be sold on the first Tuesday in February next, before the Courthouse door in Carrollton, Carroll, County Georgia, between the hours of sale the following property, to wit: Lot of land, number 38 in Trickum district, Carroll county, Ga. Levied on as the property of the defendant, under and by virtue of two Justice court fi fas, issued from the Justice court of the 1163 district, G. M. in favor of Porter and Butler, against J. P. Coleman. Levy made and returned to me by a constable. Property pointed out by defendant. Also The above described lot of land, levied on as the property of the defendant, under and by virtue of two Justice court fi fas, issued from the Justice court of the 1163 district G. M. in favor of Bruce & Conyers against J. P. Coleman

APRIL 14, 1876} — Carroll County Times
The following are the names of the grand Jurors drawn for the October term of the Superior Court for the present year: Joel A. Culpepper, J. W. Merrell, E. B. Darden, John Shadinger, L. C. Williams, J. W. Chappell, F. M. Skinner, John H. Chambers, W. Copeland, R. B. Reid, J. M. Reagan, Jas. Westbrooks, Henry A. Coleman, W. J. Doster, J. D. Wood, J. C. Cantrell, J. E. Green, G. W. Camp, H. W. Brazier, J. C. Shackelford, A. F. White, James a Bass, L. H. King, George M. Smith, Lemon Shell, H. B. Reagan, T. E. Holmes, J. R. Reives, W. S. Craven, S. W. Noland. TRAVERSE JURY: F. J. Gilbert, E. W. Barnes, J. R. Camp, J. F. Cochran, W. S. Tweedle, Isaac Lather, H. A. Strickland, C. B. Webb, J. W. Downs, W. G. Robertson, J. R. Phillips, J. M. Hambrick, Z. W. Muse, Isham Akins, J. C. Murk, Joseph Entrekin, W. J. Wynn, D. W. Adamson, R. C. Lyle, Jos. D. Moore, C. H. Lasater, Isaac Kenney, A. J. Camp, Jesse Gray, D. Y. Griffin, M. P. Trimble, R. R. Hooley, Eli Reed, John McGarity, W. C. New, W. G. Bonner, A S C Chance, G. S. Sharp, John K. Roop, Mathew Reid, E. T. Davis.

March 17, 1876, Carroll County Times
Carroll County Sheriff Sales: of L. M. Parker in favor of John H. Coleman

April 14, 1876, Carroll County Times, Carrollton, GA.
Our young friends Mr. Giles Boggess and Mr. Henry Coleman were united in holy bonds of matrimony on the evening of the 12th inst. Giles was married to Miss Whittle, daughter of C. Whittle living some six miles below here, and Henry was married to a cousin of Giles bride and of the same name. Our best wishes attend the newly married people.

May 19, 1876, Carroll County Times, Carrollton, GA.
Sheriff's Sales: Property of L. M. Parker and J. W. Parker, in favor of John H. Coleman

Aprill 14, 1876, Carroll County Times, Carrollton, GA.
Off to Honduras. Mr. J. P. Coleman, well known in this county, will leave for Honduras on next Monday. Mr. C. goes out with the intention of remaining a year, when if he likes, he will return and move his family to that country. While we regret to loose Mr. Coleman as a citizen, since he wills it otherwise, we wish him a prosperous voyage and much success in that distant land.

February 9, 1877, Carroll County Times, Carrollton, Georgia
FEBRUARY 9, 1877--Death of Mrs. Allen Coleman of Honduras. On last Monday evening the remains of Mrs. Coleman, wife of Mr. Allen Coleman of Honduras, were received at this place. From what we can learn, Mrs. Coleman left Honduras some thirty or forty days ago for the purpose of returning to this county where she formerly lived for the restoration of her health. She was accompanied by her brother in-law Mr. Jno. Coleman who went out to Honduras,
from this county, last spring, besides she had along with her two children, one a son of twelve or thirteen years of age, and the other a baby some six or seven months old. As we have stated, Mrs. Coleman left Honduras sick, and in crossing the Gulf of Mexico, on the way to New Orleans, her troubles were no doubt added to by the death of her babe. Being far from land at the time of
its death there was no other alternative but to cast the remains of the little one into the Gulf. This was no doubt a terrible shock to the mother, already very feeble, and she did not long survive. She died we are told after she had arrived in this country, on the cars between New Orleans and Montgomery, (we have not been able to find out, at what exact point). and her remains were coffined in Montgomery, and brought on as we have stated to this place Monday
evening. From here they were carried Monday night to the Sixth district of this county, where they were buried the next day. Mr. Allen Coleman the husband of the deceased is a son of Major Coleman of this county. He went to Honduras after the war. His wife, the deceased, was also a native of this county. Her maiden name was Riggs.

March 30, 1877, Carroll County Times
Married on the 15th inst. by the Rev J. M. D. Stallings, at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. J. P. Coleman, Mr. John H. Jones and Miss Mary Coleman.

May 28, 1880, CARROLL COUNTY TIMES, Carrollton, Georgia.
“Major H.A. Coleman of the Sixth district has, we learn, been quite sick."

July 23, 1880, CARROLL COUNTY TIMES, Carrollton, GA: " Mr. Jas P. Coleman and Z.T. Adams of this county left the latter part of last week for Sherman, Texas, where they go to look at the country."

August 6, 1880, CARROLL COUNTY TIMES, Carrollton, GA. "Mr. Jim Coleman, who recently went on a trip to Texas, has returned. He is well pleased with the country."

October 8, 1880, Carroll County Times, Carrollton, GA.
OBITUARY- - " Dead - Mrs. Coleman, wife of Major H.M. Coleman of the Sixth district, departed this life, on last Sunday after a short illness, having been taken sometime Thursday. She was between 70 and 80 years of age. We extend our sympathies to the husband and children." (Note: Sarah Ann Barnes w/ H.A. Coleman. Spelling error in obit of husband's name)

" Major Coleman of the Sixth district has sold a part of his farm to Mr. G. Crawford. The Major speaks of breaking up housekeeping and living with his son, Mr. Jim Coleman."

OBITUARY, February 4, 1881, CARROLL COUNTY TIMES, Carrollton, Georgia.
It is painful to have to record the death of our beloved and and esteemed friend, Mrs Sarah Ann Coleman, the wife of Maj. H.A. Coleman, which took place on the 4th of October, 1880....She was born Aug. 27th, 1807, and was at her death 73 years, 1 month, and 7 days old.

February 25, 1881, CARROLL COUNTY TIMES, Carrollton, Georgia.
Major H.A. Coleman has gone to Cobb county, not far from Marietta, to live with one of his sons. His post office is Marietta.

July 22, 1881, CARROLL COUNTY TIMES, Carrollton, Georgia.
"Miss Mollie Bailey, of Chattooga county, is visiting her brother, Mr. Rhudy.

August 26, 1881, CARROLL COUNTY TIMES, Carrollton, Georia.
"Major Coleman has moved back to Carroll from Cobb, and is fixing to establish a sheep ranch in the western part of the county."

June 12, 1884 , Atlanta ConstitutionATLANTA CONSTTUTION, June 12th, 1884: Death From Smallpox. Columbus. June 11.- [Special.]- The little child of Mr. and Mrs. Coleman, of Honduras, Central America, who are visiting the family of Major F.B. Camp,Waverly Hall, Harris county, reported a few days ago as having smallpox, died Monday. It was a most malignant case, and is supposed to have been contracted in New Orleans where they stopped some time while enroute. Every precaution has been adopted to prevent the spread of the disease, and no new cases have been reported.

January 24, 1896, CARROLL FREE PRESS, page 1, CARROLLTON, GA:
" Mr. W.A. Coleman went up to Atlanta Tuesday. He will also visit Marietta before he returns."

January 24, 1896, CARROLL FREE PRESS, page 1, CARROLLTON, GA:
"Mr. W. A. Coleman has bought out the interest of sheriff J. C. Gammon in the business of Robison & Gammon on Newnan street and the business will hereafter be conducted under the name of Robison & Coleman.

January 24, 1896, CARROLL FREE PRESS, page 1, CARROLLTON, GA:
Mr. Will Coleman, (John William Coleman, s/o J.P. Coleman), has resigned the office of deputy sheriff and has accepted a position with Robison & Coleman. He will give his entire time to this firm and will be glad to have his friends call and see him."

February 7, 1896, CARROLL FREE PRESS, Carrollton, Georgia. "Mr. J.P. Coleman, who recently moved from this county to Cobb county, came in the latter part of last week and remained over here several days, looking after his business interests. Those who are owing him will see notice elsewhere and govern themselves accordingly."

" W.A. COLEMAN; Having bought out the Jewelry store of my brother, J.P. Coleman, "I propose to keep in stock a good assortment of SOLID AND PLATED GOODS, GUNS, PISTOLS, AMMUNITION, CLOCKS, SEWING MACHINES, SPECTACLES, TOBACCO, &c. Mr. Tom Coleman will always be found ready to do all kinds of repairing of Watches, Clocks, Guns, Sewing Machines, Jewelry of all kinds &c under a gaurantee to be just what we say is, or do what we say it will do." W.A. COLEMAN."

February 7, 1896, CARROLL COUNTY FREE PRESS, Newspaper, Carrollton, GA.
" Mr. W. F. Coleman, of Spanish Honduras, son of Mr. W. A. Coleman of this place, is on a visit to his father here. He came in on last Tuesday night. He is accompanied by his little boy about seven years of age. He will remain over a month or two. He was last in the states in 1892. He comes for the benefit of his health."

February 14, 1896, Carroll Free Press, Page 2
"I saw Will Coleman, the other day, lift clear off the floor, one side of
ROBINSON & COLEMANS iron safe. Will is possessed of great strength for a 150
pound man, as several others tried and failed to lift the same weight."

February 21, 1896, CARROLL COUNTY FREE PRESS, Newspaper, Carrollton, GA.
"Mr. Will Coleman, a son of Capt. W.A. Coleman, who is here on a visit from Honduras, has his little six year old boy with him, and he cant speak a word of English, and our little boys consider him quite a curiosity, and they in passing ask him to talk "furrin talk. "

August 12, 1906, ATLANTA CONSTTUTION, Page 32:
" An occasion of pleasant interest was the marriage on Wednesday, August 8, in Carrollton, Ga., of Mr. Edwin Cleveland Kingsbery and Miss Laura Coleman. In consonance with the taste of the contracting parties, it was a quiet home wedding, characterized by graceful simplicity, and witnessed only by the relatives and a few intimate friends. The parlors and hall were redolent with flowers, roses, graet banks of roses massed everywhere. The happy pair stood in front of a pyramid of flowers, the groom entering with his uncle to the soft strains of the wedding march, the bride, her sweet spirited face touched with a faint flush of color, on the arm of her father. The ceremony, performed by Rev. Dr. Cleveland, of Atlanta, uncle of the groom, was an impressive service, the ring being used in the plighting of the troth. The bride was attired in a traveling dress of pearl grey and carried bride roses. Immediately after the ceremony, delicious refreshments were served, followed by the cutting of the cake, the ring being secured Miss Katherine Fain. The presents were numerous and handsome, a loving tribute from the friends of the fine young couple, who, at 1:30, mid showers of rice and good wishes, left for a short trip to the mountains of North Georgia, returning to Birmingham, their future home, about
September 1.

Carrollton,Ga., June 5th-(Special). The marriage of Miss Nettie Coleman to Mr. Bonnie Garrett to place at the home of bride's parents here yesterday morning. Miss Coleman is the daughter of Mr. J.T. Coleman of this place and Mr. Garrett is one of the salesmen of Baskin and Baskin of this place.

August 12, 1906, Atlanta Constitution, Page 33.
" CARROLLTON, GA: Miss Laura Coleman, of this city, and Mr. Cleveland Kingsberry, of Atanta, were married Wednesday morning at 11 O'Clock at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.T. Coleman, on Newnan street. It was a pretty home wedding, only the relatives and intimate friends being present, the ceremony being performed by Dr. Bennett of Atlanta. The bride wore a lovely going away gown of gray and gray hat to match with trimmings of violet, which was very becoming to her blonde beauty. Immediately after the ceremony Mr. and Mrs. Kingsberry left for Cumberland, where they will spend a month before going to their new home in Birmingham. Mrs. Kingsberry is the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Coleman, of this city, and is a very bright and accomplished young woman and her many friends extend him congratulations. Mr. Kingsberry is the only son of Mr. and Mrs Edwin Kingsberry, of Atlanta. He is a very popular young man and occupies a nice position as a traveling salesman for the J.K. Orr Shoe Company, of Atlanta. Miss Jennie Larham, of Fairburn; Miss Janie Reed, of Eatonton; Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Kingsberry, of Atlanta, and Mr. and Mrs. Sloane, of New York city, attended the Coleman-Kingsberry marriage on Wednesday."

November 2nd, 1917, ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, Atlanta, GA. (page 5)
(Carrollton, Ga., November 1 Special.)
Captain W.A. Coleman, a prominent citizen of Carrollton, died October 30, and his funeral occurred at the First Baptist church today. He was buried in the city cemetery with Masonic honors. Captain Coleman was a confederate veteran. He leaves a widow and two sons who reside in Honduras, and one daughter, Mrs Cleve Kingsbery, of Birmingham, Ala. Mr. Coleman at the close of the war went to Honduras, where he resided a number of years and accumulated a handsome estate. When he came back to his old home, He served two years as mayor of Carrollton.

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