Monday, October 22, 2007

Research: Samuel Coleman

Samuel Coleman in the US Census in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia:

Samuel Coleman,US Census, 1790, Craven county, NC.

Samuel Coleman, US Census, 1790,Warren county, NC.

Samuel Coleman,US Census, 1790, Prince George’s Parish ,Georgetown, SC.

Intestate Bond, January 18, 1803, Columbia co., GA., Samuel Coleman — Lindsey Coleman, Chas. Ellis, John Coleman.

Samuel Colman, US Census, 1810, Williamsburg co., SC.

Samuel Coleman, 1813 Tax List, Putnam co., GA. (Putnam and Jackson counties).

Samuel Coleman, US Census, 1820, Abbeville, SC.

Samuel Coleman, US Census, 1820, Walton co., GA.

Samuel Coleman, US Census, 1830, Meriwhether co., GA.

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